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I'm a pretty simple guy. I like to succeed in all endeavors and have been called a "Customer Service Freak". I like taking care of folks and really like teaching people to be their better selves while continuously striving to improve myself. I am married to my high school sweetheart who still likes me after all these years (or is good at making me think so). We have been blessed with two daughters who have grown into great adults and we couldn't be more proud. We have two grandchildren who are the best things since the invention of the Jeep. Have I mentioned that I like Jeeps both old and new, as well as my Land Rovers. I have been an off-roader/overlander since I was a kid. I like sailing/boating also but not to the extent that I like exploring backroads and off-road locations.
My real estate career came after many years of manufacturing and machining careers as well as my twelve years in retail with Mengers Four Wheel Drive Center in Oklahoma City. My CPA calls me a true "Renaissance Man". At first I thought he was poking fun at me for being old. But, he was referring to me being able to do just about anything and fix just about anything. These traits have transferred well into real estate because I love solving problems and helping folks out. This is a founding trait in our Weichert-Main Edge business. We are not the "Stick the sign in the yard & go hide" kind of folks.
Remember, every real estate transaction is about solving a problem for both sides.
Enough about me. Let's get together and solve some real estate problems.

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Address: 1125 W. State Highway 152
Mustang, OK 73064
Cell: 405-834-6356
Work Phone: 404-445-7522
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